Red Shirt Games is a new international Games Studio based in Finland & Germany!

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Rapid Prototyping

If you have a concept or idea that you want to have prototyped quickly, or want to reduce Time-To-Market for your product, we are the right choice for you.


Do you have a game that you want to be available on modern mobile platforms? We port your games from any source to Unity3D!


If you want to increase your audience's engangement, we provide gamification and gamifyied content for your app or idea.


Want to increase your product's KPIs by adding live-ops? We take care of implementing and maintaining backend services into your game or app for you!

Development Assistance

Need help finishing your game product or vision? We assist you on reaching your deadlines and goals by providing assistance in design, art and development.

Continuous Integration

By utilizing our Continuous Integration Pipeline and an Agile Development Process, we are able to deliver results quickly and reliably - you will have access to your product at every development step!

The Team

These people will bring your project into reality:

Antti Kukkonen

CEO & Business Relations

Ruben Ohnmacht

Dev-Ops, Backend- & Client-Development

Olli-Pekka Kerkelä

Concept- & 2D-Art

Harri Kössö

UI/UX-Design & Client-Development

Jon Rantala

Game-Design & Social Media

Arto Ollila

Sound-Design, 2D-Art & 2D/3D-Modelling

Santtu Niskala

Rapid Prototyping & Client-Development

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